Why Gi-Fi Is In Great Demand Across The Globe


Use of Wi-Fi and WiMax is quite common as regards transfer of data. But they take lot of time for transfer of video files. A new technology, i.e. Gi-Fi has been introduced and it has become quite common these days. With its unique features and unmatched advantages over the Wi-Fi, this latest invention has hit the world of technology. With the faster information rate and low cost for short range transmission, this technology involves less consumption of power.

With the introduction of GiFi Power Rcmoment the things have become much easy. It has the integrated wireless transceiver chip with a small antenna. Use of single chip is made for integrating both the transmitter and the receiver. Complementary metal oxide semiconductor, i.e. the CMOS is used. Large video files can be transferred within seconds that is the unique feature of this technology.

Files can be transferred with the help of the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth. The lower frequency of operation 2.4GHZ is the constraint apart from the bit rate of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that are 800Kbps and 11 Mbps respectively. It is associated with power consumption of 5mw and 10 mw. Transferring large amount of audio, data and video files may take considerable time. It is the GiFi Power Rcmoment that has the unique benefit of instant transfer with lower power consumption. Candidly, it has become the preferred choice of millions of users across the globe.

What makes Gi-Fi so popular– It is the following unique features of GiFi Power Rcmoment that is in great demand these days:

  • No need of cables – This latest technology has been able to remove the need for cables for connecting the consumer electronic devices. All the devices can be connected for transmission of the information wirelessly.
  • Privacy and safety – The extraordinary Gi-Fi technology helps in maintaining our safety and privacy. Better encryption facilities are available.
  • Suppleness – Wire connections and cables are quite complicated. But Gi-Fi technology is free from such hurdles. Ease of connection is quite helpful as regards consumers’ experience. They are at great benefit with this technological development in the recent times.
  • Great performance – The Gi-Fi technology is associated with superb performance that makes it quite popular. The users feel fully satisfied with its use that is quite simple.
  • Solid structure / low maintenance – Those having Gi-Fi Technological development enjoy its superstructure that is quite easy as regards maintenance.
  • Unmatched quality and warranty – This technological development is associated with great quality and warranty. The buyers are at great benefit.
  • Cost effective – Available at genuine pricing, the low-cost chip allows the technology that is incorporated into several devices with great ease. It is quite cheaper to enjoy this latest technology. The people that have Gi-Fi technologies   do not feel burdened as regards the price that is quite genuine and the bills do not include any hidden costs.

Candidly, Gi-Fi has become the preferred choice of millions of consumers across the globe that appreciate its unique features.

Gwendolyn Traci

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