What Made Me Switch Our Web Hosting Provider To DialWebHosting


Early on I had commenced my business with a web hosting provider, presuming the vendor will deliver for the long term.

How mistaken I was.

The performance of this hosting service was not good enough for my present booming business.

The features and technical support was not at par. There were other issues as well.

Continuation with this vendor meant loss in revenue.

Some of my colleagues were recommending DialWebHosting, and I was keen to try this hosting service.

I more or less made up my mind to go ahead. But some issues had to be resolved.

I wanted to migrate with no down time. A seamless transition is what I required for my business.

I discussed with my new vendor and finalized on matters such as:

  • Uploading files as fast as possible
  • Getting the DNS information so that I can make the necessary modification in the settings
  • Inclusive server information so that I can make the necessary script changes.

I spoke with the rep of DialWebHosting and made a plan of action for the move.

The good news with this vendor was I could move the files quickly, finish the testing and change to new DNS in no time.

In my previous case it took a couple of days for the domain to proliferate fully, but now it was fast.

As a precaution, I had backed up my site at my old host so that that in case I face any issues I can revert to my earlier site.

Thankfully everything worked fine.

Now I began to understand why DialWebHosting is known as a company providing rock solid services. The technical support team is highly professional, responsive and capable of providing customized solutions.

At this juncture, a comment on pricing is essential. Yes, in these tough economic times keeping the hosting costs low is important.

But there are overriding considerations.

In a business, features are important. There is no point in going ahead with a low quote of someone who is a fly by night operator.

Moreover, our company cannot manage everything in-house, although that would have been the cheapest option.

To carry out all tasks successfully  in-house is no cakewalk. It takes a toll on human and technical resources.

This is especially true if a company decides to adopt the cloud.

It is not always that an internal IT staff has the skill to make a meticulous audit and have the knowhow to migrate data and files in a cloud environment.

Thankfully DialWebHosting has the right approach and has put in place the right technologies and solutions to assist enterprises in their cloud journey.

Company stability is what matters most.

If the hosting service has a record of accomplishment, then you can be sure a client has a good chance of surviving with the vendor long term.

DialWebHosting has powered itself with cutting edge technology, has years of delivering good service, and has a reputation to be reliable suppliers.

Its clientele make good reading. With big names like ICICI, Indane, WIPRO, UNICEF and others in its list, the company looks trustworthy.

A client must make sure it will not get stuck with a bad hosting vendor. It can be double whammy with high fees and bad service.

Luckily, DialWebHosting was able to offer us the right web hosting plan for our business. After all, this is an important consideration, as our business needs good traffic and plenty of conversions.

Uptime & Security Guarantee

Uptime & Security guarantee are two elements that can never be compromised. The last thing you would want is, customers starring at a blank screen or an error message when they visit your website.

With DialWebHosting I have chosen a provider that has the wherewithal to deliver at least 99 percent uptime guarantee.

I also needed security that will keep my website secure in all aspects. We not only work with enormous company data with a good portion of it very sensitive but also with our customers’ data such as email addresses and credit card details.

DialWebHosting is strong in this segment. The company has the expertise to identify and fix malware and system vulnerabilities and help protect domain privacy.

To choose the right hosting service was no easy task. The market is flooded with hundreds of hosting vendors offering a variety of plans.

In this regard good references helped me a lot.

Presently I am happy that DialWebHosting has delivered on all counts – speed, reliability, uptime and features. Technical support was the trickiest part to evaluate, but fortunately DialWebHosting proved to be as good if not better than our expectations.


Warren William

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