What is inverter AC and how is it different than normal ACs


Inverter AC is now talk of the town because of its various benefits which are available from many brand like Godrej, Blue Star, Voltas etc. But what makes them different than normal AC is explained below.

What is Inverter AC?

  • An inverter AC is called so because of the device called ‘inverter’ which can convert fixed frequency electricity to variable frequency i.e. from 10Hz to 100Hz.
  • This feature lets compressor of the inverter AC run at different speed for saving electricity depending on the load.
  • A 1.5 ton inverter AC will become 0.5 ton AC if it is running at a low speed when there is less cooling load and the same AC can become 2.5 ton by running the same compressor faster when there is more cooling load.
  • This makes the inverter AC more efficient and power saver as compared to others as it can vary its cooling tonnage output according to the load.
  • Some of the best inverter AC is available with brands like Voltas, Godrej, Hitachi-Kashikoi and Blue star.

What makes it different from normal ACs?

  • Compressor of inverter AC is always in the ‘ON’ state while the traditional non-inverter air conditioner compressor motor sometimes goes ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’.
  • The basic difference in both the AC is energy consumption. Normal AC runs for a longer period at a constant load which consumes more energy while the Inverter AC controls the speed of motor by sensing the load requirement.
  • In normal AC the compressor runs at a constant speed whereas inverter AC runs on variable speed compressor.
  • Another advantage of the inverter is that it cools the room faster than normal AC. This is because in the beginning the inverter AC works at the peak power and then slowly diminishes the power once the room is cool enough.
  • This not only is ecofriendly but also a money saver which is a huge advantage for inverter AC.
  • Also as it does not switch off every now and then like normal AC and rather keeps working at a low power, the operation of AC is less noisy.
  • Because of this technology of inverter, it makes the AC more sustainable and also makes its life longer as compared to other normal AC.

Even though inverter AC has lots of advantages, one of the disadvantages is that it’s expensive than normal AC of the same variants of brands like Godrej and Voltas, also it utilizes more movable parts in order to control the compressor motor speed and this makes the repairs very expensive.

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