Traveling Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than the ReRyde app


The ReRyde app is one that was built with the sole purpose of getting you to where you’re going affordably and easily. It aims to bring the world and your ride literally to your doorstep, or wherever else you are, thereby alleviating the hassle of having to wait for a bus or haggle over taxis. It brings the service to you ensuring utmost convenience and reliable transport that you can call on from wherever you are and at whatever time you need.

App Features

ReRyde is an effective multi-package app imbued with the following functionalities:

  • In-app communication: You can talk or chat directly with verified drivers regarding transportation details and any other details.
    • Secure payment platform: The app offers an electronic means of payment so you need not worry about forgetting your wallet at home as this provision allows for cashless travel.
    • Genuine driver profiles: Driver ratings are generated by actual client experience and resulting ratings thereby ensuring you get a good picture of the professional behind the wheels.
    • Instant booking: You can reserve your seat or car with a single tap or swipe of your phone.
    • The capability to track your ride: A real-time tracking functionality ensures you can keep tabs on your car’s location and the journey in its entirety.


How it works

Using the app is as straightforward as can be with it affording a home screen offering a number of transport packages to suit various needs. The RydePool alternative lets you share a car with a driver headed the same way for a discounted cost of the norm while a RydePet tab provides the opportunity to travel with your furry companion or any other pets you might have. There is also a RydeX option that allows you to book a vehicle beforehand with a RydeXL selection entailing a spacious vehicle for multiple passengers. The last travel option encompasses a RydeEXEC option that provides first-class traveling experience for high-profile personalities or those just keen to impress and travel in style.

After choosing your preferred package, a subsequent screen will appear where you’ll confirm the details of your trip and make adjustments if needed before submitting the request with an optional note to the driver. Your request will then be soon accepted and you’ll wait shortly as your driver gets to you.

Why it is a cut above the rest

For one, ReRyde offers unbeatably affordable rides at rates that are considerably lower than those of its competitors without compromising on the quality of their services. But don’t just take our word for it, head on over to Google PlayStore and the Apple app store to get a feel of how people are taking to the app. With an average of 4.7/5 on PlayStore, a similarly high rating on the alternative platform, and an overflowing list of positive comments on both, the numbers really do speak for themselves here. You are just not traveling right if you don’t have the ReRyde app by your side. It is the perfect epitome of fast, secure and dependable transport.

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