The Best Beginner RC Drones and its Features- Cheerson CX-10


The Cheerson CX-10 is one of the best beginner RC drones. The drone is relatively small so it is best suited for the purpose of indoor use. CX-10 is one of the most famous Chinese suppliers in hobby drone industry and the CX-10 is one of the most leading devices in their lineup. The cheerson cx-10 comes complete with the transmitter, a user manual, USB cable and spare blades. It evaluates about four centimeters wide, four centimeters long, and two centimeters in heights. The drone utilizes 100 mAh lithium-ion batteries and the battery is very strong enough to competence all four motors.

Cheerson CX-10 Design:

This small quad copter is well-equipped with 6-axis flight control board that offers more security for the smoother flight. The frames are made up of ABC plastic materials that can take the bit of beating; however, the propeller blade is lighter plastic. At each and every corner of X shaped-body have separate LED light. The two blue one is on the front and two red lights are on the back. These features contribute you to keep visual on a quad copter. There are plenty of Multicopter are available in the market today.  Shop the best Cheerson Multicopter at the best prices in the market.

Features of Cheerson CX-10:

It has average flight time period ranging from 4-8 minutes with a full battery. The CX-10 takes thirty minutes to charge the battery to full capacity. If the charge on the battery is low, then the front light emitting diode lights flashes. The RC transmitters have 2 joysticks. The transmitter utilizes the 2.4G frequency and it can manage the quad to a distance of about 65-165 feet. The Cheerson CX-10 comes with three flight modes such as Intermediate, Junior, and Advanced. The junior type flight modes are highly suggested for beginners since it moves slowly and gives you the better chance to get cozy with controls. The green light emitting diode light on RC will light up while in this junior flight mode. This CX-10 quad copter comes in four colors such as blue, green, pink and orange. It is perfect for both female and male pilots.

 Intermediate flight modes are when you have gripped the basic of flying and have a good idea of what to do with aircraft. The flip can be done in intermediate flight mode by forcing the right handed joystick. The red LED light comes ON and transmitter horn twice when you switch on this intermediate mode. An advanced type flight modes are for the professional pilot. The transmitter will horn 3 times and red LED lights to come ON in this advanced mode. The Cheerson CX-10 can fly down and up, right and left, fly forward, do flips, hover in place and it can also be launched from palm or your hand. You can also fly it at night time without any hassle. With these 3 different flight modes, the new quad copter pilot can easily learn about the tool. The small quad copter is inexpensive and its fits any budget.

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