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The best way to improve your knowledge is to challenge yourself and test your knowledge from time to time. This will help you to learn where you are lacking and also where your knowledge is good. What can be the better way to do it than by playing online quiz games on the go? You just need your smartphone with the internet running on it. Quizistan app provides you Live Quiz Games on the app with all the latest facts and information.  Not just the normal trivia quiz, but it is a live trivia quiz gaming app that gives you the chance to win huge cash prizes in every quiz daily.

You can play the quiz of your choice from the interesting and vast reserve of different quizzes available on the app. People of any age and profession can install the Quizistan app and improve their knowledge by playing the fun-filled trivia games online. Be it a school going student or a college going teenager, everyone likes to play games on the smartphone. Even the elder people love to kill their traveling time by playing mobile games every day. And when playing the quizzes makes you win real money, then it becomes the best way to check your knowledge and get updated.

Topics like Science, Maths, General Knowledge, History, and Geography, etc. are there for the students to keep a check on their knowledge from time to time. Bollywood fans will love the Bollywood and Bollywood Dialogues quiz on the app. People who love the challenges that kick their brains a little more can try Who’s Lying and Who Am I quizzes for much more fun and learning. Eldest Youngest is the new quiz that is going to be live on the app to make it more fun for our users. All of this makes the Quizistan app the best online General Knowledge Quiz Games for Students as well as their parents.

You can easily install the Quizistan app from its website for both IOS and Android-based cell phones. The app is free of cost and even the registration fee for the quizzes is very much nominal as it starts from just 5 rupees. And the good thing is that the prize money that you will win is much more than this. You can also refer the gaming app to your loved ones and other students, that will make you earn one 50-50 lifeline on each referral. This will double your chances of winning the quizzes as this lifeline will erase two wrong options and you need to select the correct answer from the two options.

Each quiz includes 8 questions with 4 options and you will be provided 10 seconds to answer each question. The good thing is that after 10 seconds, the correct answer will be shown so as to improve your knowledge and you know the correct answer at the end of the game. You are not losing anything, even if you are not winning the online quiz, you are testing and improving your knowledge with each game you play. So, just go to our website and download the Quizistan app.

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