Signs of Identity Theft


Anyone can be a potential victim of identity theft. Surprisingly, you may find that you have done everything right yet still lose your personal information to identity thieves mysteriously. It is absolutely impossible to hide completely from hackers among other identity thieves. It is unfortunate that it may actually take you a long time before realizing that your identity has been stolen unless you are very vigilant.

Here are 5 of the key signs that you are a victim of identity theft:

  1. Missing Credit cards

According to identification theft protection specialists such as Lifelock, many people don’t realize they are victims of identity theft until they find their credit cards missing. It is, therefore, important to report your credit card as missing immediately to avoid liabilities. You should never ignore reporting a missing credit card to the relevant issuers for your own protection.

  1. Bills for goods or services

Are you getting crazy bills for products or services you did not buy? There is a strong possibility that some crooks accessed your personal information and are milking you dry. You should be concerned when you see weird activities on your debit/credit card statements. You should probably check it out with your financial institutions regardless of how small the charges could be.

  1. A warrant for your arrest

 Is there a warrant for your arrest for a crime you are not aware of? Well, don’t ignore such incidents. In most cases, warrants of arrest are not coincidental things. Someone else could have stolen your identity and is committing numerous crimes using your personal information.

  1. You no longer get your credit card bills

It is worth knowing that identity thieves sometimes go to an extent of rerouting your credit card bills to stop you from discovering their dirty secrets. Missing monthly emails/mails from your Credit Card Company or bank could be a bad sign. It could mean that some jerk changed your address intentionally to conceal their illegal activities. If your credit card’s bills suddenly stopped coming you have every reason to call your credit card issuer for clarification. You should also consider consulting Lifelock for reliable identity theft protection services.

  1. Endless Errors on your credit report

Are there numerous errors on your credit report? Most victims of identity theft find inaccurate information on their credit reports .Should that happen, there is a possibility that someone somewhere is living large at your expense. You should never overlook any suspicious details such as new accounts or credit inquiries you did not request for in your annual credit.


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