Samsung Galaxy S9 will come up with 512GB storage memory


When the Samsung started out the production of its flagship memory cards, the company argued that the amount of memory in 32, 64 and 256 GB would be enough in theory to anyone. In practice, the company has got confused in logistics, and first appeared on a 256 GB device, then to 256 GB, but the model 256 GB has been difficult to find, but they have made, and a bit. This fundamental difference from Apple, where you can buy a machine with any amount of memory, and they are always available. And, also is the part of Galaxy S8. Therefore, an experiment in Samsung considered unsuccessful, and the groan of consumers is so loud that all the top managers of Samsung felt it. Now, Samsung Galaxy S9 specs is rumored with 512GB storage and memory card slot.

Samsung knows that apparently, to please the people, we must first do something to take away from them. This happened with the memory cards, they were removed in 2015 and realized what a mistake in 2017. Now the memory card back into all flagships, you can use them almost any size. Map 200 GB is recognized and works. Later, support for memory cards is 2 TB may appear; this is no reason not to do not, no technical constraints to be the part of Galaxy S10 may be, however, fans will settle with Galaxy S9 in 2018.

Recently, the basic models will be those that offer 256 GB of internal memory, while the 256 GB devices become too common, I think that there’s anything wrong with that, and people will choose such solutions. Since the Samsung smartphones use faster memory standard UFS 2.0, the company had to abandon the original Android 6 functions combination memory card and internal memory in a single array. It is necessary for those who are not going to use your card anywhere else but only in the same handset. The risks are great enough that, if the card fails, you will lose most of their data, if not all of them, except for those that are stored in the cloud. Cloud can be game changer in Galaxy S9.

As a result, Samsung decided to make an interim decision. You get a place of 24 GB to 256 GB, while the 8 GB is a system and a space for external memory, for example, it is used as a buffer during video recording, the cache and other system functions. But, as before, you can transfer most of the applications on the memory card, do not store them in the internal memory of the smartphone. As a result, no restrictions de facto not, you can use your smartphone as you wish. Let’s wish the fate of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be with the fans, and in favor of the technology demand.

Gwendolyn Traci

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