PVR Lulu Kochi offers you a great cinematic experience


The PVR brand is one of the leading names in the Entertainment industry spearheading all innovative and technical revolutions that have changed the very face of the theatres in our county. It’s the largest multiplex operator in India as on date. Owned by Priya Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd., the company is headed by Mr. Ajay Bijli who is the main force behind PVR’s brand escalation.

The PVR Lulu Kochi is located in the heart of Kochi city – very conveniently situated. PVR Lulu Kochi has provided the residents of Kochi with a movie watching experience parallel to that of the international standard.

With six separate screens and movies in English, Hindi and Malayalam being featured, it provides people ample choice to pick movies as per their preference.

As per the PVR brand standards, the entire theatre has been designed creatively with lots of space around. The interiors reflect sophistication and modernization. From the floors to the walls to the ceilings, everything goes hand-in-hand with the chic concept of PVR movies. As you walk into the theatre the ambience around and the interiors would elevate you to the next level of feel good factor. The PVR experience starts from here.

Significant feature of PVR Lulu Kochi Movies are

  • Dolby Atmos sound technology in all the halls
  • Screens are all technically up-to-date and have tremendous picture clarity. IMAX 3D screens as well as 2D screens.
  • PVR Gold Class is the ultimate experience in movie watching. The seats are actually sofas which are recliners seats. So one can literally lie down and watch the movie. There is a table in between 2 seats. The ticket price includes snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. There is a menu card from which you can order what you want to eat and drink. There is a button on the seats which when pressed will have an usher coming in to help you out.
  • Comfortable chairs in the PVR halls.
  • Quality of food and snacks is awesome
  • Extremely professional staff
  • The sitting areas, lounges, the food counters, ticket counters all leave you impressed with their precise planning.
  • The maintenance of the hall, the public areas, the washrooms all reflect the PVR brand ideology of providing ultimate customer experience.
  • The theatre is surrounded by numerous elite food joints thereby making it a number one choice for families to eat out followed by watching a movie.
  • Ample parking space at the mall so that one can relax while watching a movie here.

Showtimes at PVR Lulu Kochi:

On all days, the first show is screened at 8 am in the morning. The last show starts at 12 am early morning.

PVR Lulu Kochi Movie Ticket Price: The tickets are priced nominally and are much lower than that in metropolitan cities like Delhi or Mumbai. The least expensive ticket is charged at Rs. 118/- and the most expensive ticket costs Rs. 600/- per person.

Tickets can be purchased and seats pre-booked from the PVR company website as also third party sites and Apps. Alternately you can stand in queue before the start of a particular show at the ticket counter at PVR Lulu Kochi Movie to purchase tickets.

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