Optimising Your Dental Practice Using the Latest Technology


Dental techniques and tools have certainly undergone many positive changes in the past few decades to the extent that many of the old fears and phobias about visiting the dentist have almost disappeared. But not all of the changes have centred on the experience in the dental chair. A lot of changes have occurred behind the desk and in how dental practices are run, especially in the context of the relationship between the patient and the practice.

One of the biggest changes sweeping through the business world is in the way that daily workflows have been made more efficient and more rapid through the use of the Cloud. Every year, more and more businesses in every sector have made either a partial or full migration to the use of Cloud technology to enhance daily workflow and provide more opportunities and working flexibility. Dentist offices have not been immune to these kinds of changes, and it is now entirely possible, and even advisable, for dental practices to employ dental software that makes business activities a lot easier.

The Benefits of a Software Solution

Software solutions for dental practices, whether they are a single dentist or a multi-seat clinic, are available from a range of vendors, but it is important to choose the software that is right for your practice. Here are some of the advantages of using software in your office:

  • Customer recall: The backbone of any dental practice are its customers, without whom the practice would simply fail very quickly. Customers come back to the dental chair primarily because of their experience, but also because of the efficiency and effectiveness of the system itself. This means that a dental practice that does not implement an effective system of customer interaction, including follow-up calls and automated appointments, is going to struggle in this area. By contrast, the right software system has been shown to be effective up to an 85% customer recall rate. This means a healthier business and a bigger bottom line.
  • Monitoring: As a dentist, how do you know if your practice is performing well? Do you know how many new patients you are attracting each month? By measuring your performance against a set of important key performance indicators, software that has been optimised for the dental environment can help you to drill down into key metrics and analyse reports on your performance.
  • Chair management: When you have a patient who calls at the last minute to cancel their appointment, how quickly can you fill that empty chair? With a customised software solution, it is possible to manage this situation more effectively with automated calls and messages to current patients.

Running a Better Dental Practice

These are just some of the key benefits of a software solution in the dental environment. One additional benefit is that it improves staff performance because it either automates many mundane tasks or simply makes them easier and more intuitive. In the end, such a system is good for your customers, your business, and your employees!

Warren William

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