Online Marketing Stratigies For Startup Businesses


Starting a business is as exciting as it could be stressful and challenging as well. The online portal offers a variety of advantages to individuals who are bold and brave enough to take advantage of everything that the internet has to offer. Businesses small and big alike understand how good it is for the company’s sales to put up a website, or perhaps maintain their presence on Facebook or Twitter. Online marketing itself is a complex process and if you want to keep your lead against your competitors, you have to be as wise as you are hardworking in promoting your business in various channels, from strengthening your social connections and getting your website on top of the search engine rank, to boosting your email marketing potentials and so on. Now, how to you boost your business’ online marketing strategy? Read on and find out.

1. Launch a website

Any viable online marketing strategy starts with a website. Your website serves as your business’ portfolio and you will be very happy to tell about what you’ve got to offer—the quality products you’re selling or the world-class services that will benefit your clients. The most important parts of your website include your homepage, about page, services page and contact page. These are the pages where your clients and prospective clients would want to check out if they are in need of something and if they want to learn more about your company. Your website should hold everyone’s interest and it should make people want to know more about you. When their interest for your sparks, it’s a good sign that your website is doing a great job!

2. Build your presence in social channels

Billions of people are hooked up to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social network channels every day. You can only imagine that huge amount of conversations exchanged! A lot small businesses have strengthened their online presence by staying in touch with people through social networks. If you haven’t launched your presence in these social networking sites, then now’s the right time. Imagine the thousands of followers and would-be clients you’ll pull by reaching out to them and constantly communicating with them.

3.Send out press releases

Do you have some great news about your business or your niche market, perhaps? Speak it out through press releases. A lot of businesses utilize press release posting when they have new products to launch or some great promos to offer.

4. Start blogging

Add a blog page on your website and keep interested readers coming to check out whatever snippets of information you’ve got to offer. Blogs are cheap yet very powerful portals to welcome interested people to stay hooked to your online marketing efforts. You could write informative tips and how-to’s related to your niche market, or share the photos and stories about your business’ latest activities. You can also encourage your clients to write something, perhaps, their experience about taking advantage of your products or services? Of course, choose only the loyal ones. For more effective and SEO-friendly blogging, make sure to use a set of keywords to make it faster for Google to crawl your website.

5. Go guest blog-posting

Guest-blog posting is an excellent way of building links for your website. However, you have to be aware that you don’t just guest post for any other blog. It should be high PR, relevant to your niche, authoritative and of course, it’s got thousands of readers. You don’t want to waste your time and wits on a blog that barely picks up on its readership. Guest blogging allows you to build connections with fellow bloggers. Having your post on their blogs also means blog admins trust you and your brand.

6. Email marketing

Another great way of reaching out to your clients is putting them on e-mailing lists and regularly sending them messages. It could be a short message of thanks, an informative message, or a sort of announcements about the latest available promos. Email marketing widens your lead and also encourages response from your prospective clients.

7. Give promos and special offers

Build excitement among your clients and attract more people to your business by giving away promos and special offers. It also helps to build an image that of social responsibility by holding charity bazaars of benefit sales, which will make everyone think that your business is not just all about making money, but also giving back to society.

It’s not really easy running a small and up-and-about business, but with the strategies we’ve mentioned here, it’s never too far before you start welcoming a huge following from all over the world wide web.

Gwendolyn Traci

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