Nintendo Game Cube – The Unsung Super Console


Even though Nintendo Game Cube was ridiculed by saying it was not meant for serious gamers or the purple paintjob, the Nintendo Game Cube has a very serious library of games meant to be enjoyed only on the Game Cube. In this article, we explore some of the top rated games which can be played on the unsung super console – the Nintendo Game Cube and in case you will be inspired to check out some of the Nintendo Game Cube Games.

Super Mario Bros. Melee

Making it to the top of the list is Super Mario Bros. Melee. Even after the Brawl on the Wii, ardent gaming fans stuck with Super Mario Bros. Melee because of its unique control system, interesting game play and absolutely nothing negative going on. Melee has to its name one of the longest lasting lifespan for most played games.

Wind Waker: From Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda, best played in NES and SNES,still rules among the top five in this list as well. Once the Wind Waker came out, gamers were crying out in unison, they want it more realistic and not the cartoon format the game adopted. However, the game play and adventure is very interesting which helps Wind Waker take the second spot in our list.

Twilight Princess: The Legend Of Zelda

In this variant of the Legend of Zelda, the game play is more realistic than Wind Waker. However, even with its different options of left hand/ right hand play, GameCube was able to adopt a mirror from its cousin Wii for serious fans of The Legend of Zelda.

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Some gamers think this game is bad. Fans of Mario Kart felt this game did injustice to their favorite quirky plumbing heroes. The two driver system was unwieldy at first, however with ample game time, you get used to the dual driver system and the strategy behind it.

Metroid: Prime

What list of best games will be complete without a serious entry from Metroid? The game play, technology and some of the antics of this game made The Batman steal some of the concepts for him. Every gamer who has ever played Metroid: Prime will agree with us when we say this (with goosebumps) – You have to play this!

Resident Evil: 4

From the movie franchise to the gaming world, Resident Evil held its spot over the years. This was perhaps legendary gaming sensational designer Shinji Mikami’s baby. It was originally designed only for GameCube. When asked if Resident Evil 4 would make it to other consoles, it was reported he would literally have his head cut off before allowing that to happen. Well, there may be a reason why you shouldn’t make suicide pacts when it comes to exclusivity. PS2 gamers got to play it 6 months after release.

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