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Computer has acquired our life in such a way that we need a computer for doing anything. From personal to professional works, we cannot do anything without a computer. A computer contains different programming software on which people work. Programs such as Ms-Dos, Ms-office, etc. are used for doing a lot of works. If you have a basic knowledge of Ms-office then, you can get a job in different companies for handling the Ms-office tools. One of the most commonly used Ms-office tool is ms-excel.

Ms-excel consist of spreadsheets on which you can make entries of different data. You can perform different mathematical functions as well and make different calculations. But, if you are new to ms-excel, then you may face a bit of difficulties. However, now you can get a replacement for Ms-Excel in the form of timesheet panda. Timesheet is free software that can help you in monitoring the working time of your employees. It is completely automatic software and you don’t need to do the calculations manually. Learning computer software is not a matter of joke. As there are many computer software used by professional for different work, you must know which software you want to learn. Microsoft have its software used everywhere in the world. In almost every office, you will see people working on such software. Microsoft software such as ms-dos, ms-office, etc. can be used for performing different official works.

Timesheet is the best computer software for monitoring the working hours of the employees. Currently, many companies are using this software for calculating the working hours of their employees. There was a time when for doing mathematical calculations you need to use ms-excel. Things turn out to be very easy when you know how to work on these tools. However, now it has become even easier to manage all the official calculations with the help of timesheet. You may face some difficulties if you are using them for the first time. However, you can learn it soon. Moreover, you can download free timesheet software from our website.

 Microsoft is a big name in the computer world. The company has a number of software that runs on a computer system. The software has so much influence in our lives that, most of our works are based on such software. You cannot do even half of your work without using Microsoft software. One of the widely used software is Ms-office. Ms-office tools such as ms-word, ms-excel, ms-PowerPoint, etc. are used for different official works. You do all sorts of writing works on ms-word. On the other hand, ms-excel is used for making entries and doing mathematical calculations.

However, timesheet is programmed software with the help of which you can keep the track record of day to day working hours of your employees. You don’t need to do manual calculations and the entire calculations can be done in just one click. And, you can get all these features for free. So, download the software and get away from the worries of keeping a record of your employees.

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