My Experience With Purchasing YouTube Views


Through the years I’ve produced a variety of YouTube channels exclusively to promote and share a ton of products and services. Video marketing continues to have the greatest conversion rate of all the marketing channels so YouTube has been bringing home the bacon for years. As this is an overview of my experience buying YouTube views along with other various services I won’t be sharing any channels or videos of mine.

Contracting services to add views, likes, subscribers, or anything on a YouTube account breaches the terms of service that was accepted when an account is created. I clearly don’t want my videos or channels to be penalized which is why that information will be omitted from this review. The risk of using services like this is obviously inherent, but the results a quality supplier can provide is well worth any risk. Not to mention certain businesses that provide services like this are able to do so safely and anonymously mitigating any risk involved. I use Mass Media+, and the results their YouTube views and other services have done for my videos and channels have been astonishing!

Let me start off by stating that I am not affiliated with Mass Media+, but I am a very satisfied regular customer of theirs.

There are many shady companies available that offer services that provide YouTube views, but most of them put your account at risk by using virtual private networks or worse yet botnets! Avoid companies like this at all costs, especially all of those YouTube services on Fiverr! The majority of sellers on Fiverr provide YouTube views using free bot programs that produce results that don’t last and harm your videos. Another problem is that these views aren’t high retention views and simply increases the total number of views, which can have a drastically negative effect on how videos rank. Retention rates are everything. Retention refers the amount of time people spend watching a video. The longer people watch a video for, the better the odds are that the video will rank higher, so retention rates are very important when it comes to buying YouTube views.

Besides retention, the viewer’s geographic location and device play a huge role in affecting a video’s rank as well. Most businesses that provide YouTube views only add mobile views which do not perform as well as desktop views.

Going back to my supplier of choice, Mass Media, offers a variety of YouTube services that all come from real high traffic referral sites like Facebook and Twitter. All their YouTube views are high retention, meaning each viewer watches 75 to 90%+ of a video for up to an hour. This really is huge since it considerably enhances the average view duration in addition to each viewer being a desktop user!

On the top of this Mass Media promises a no drop guarantee! All of their YouTube services remain permanently and if anything does drop it gets replaced free of charge. On top of that the prices are very affordable, plus you are able to track everything from your account from start to finish. Another great feature they offer is their rewards program called plus points, which are earned on every purchase and can be used immediately for discounts on future orders.

I know many people are against adding YouTube views to their videos, but it’s honestly the best way to attract people to your videos. People simply do not pay attention to videos with very few views, but when you are able to add 1,000 high retention views for only $1.99 how can you beat that? I rather use a service like this to promote my videos so they rank high and organically get viewed, so I can spend less time trying to promote my videos and more time developing new content.

Warren William

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