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Mobile recharge is the most common thing nowadays. It has definitely made a commoner’s life easy as it enables the common man to remain connected to his friends and family; at the same time opening the doors to information and knowledge in a way that was never thought of before.

With mobile prepaid recharge options the common man on the streets who have otherwise limited money in hand to enjoy the other luxuries of the world is now seen watching videos online, using social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Mobile technology has empowered him to access the vast world of internet and know-how. To use such technology one needs to upgrade his knowledge and show keenness in learning new things. This is a positive effect because as we all know India’s main issue is ignorance which is much bigger than illiteracy.  In fact the economically and socially backward classes have also started using the facilities like online recharge which is laudable because it means somewhere down the line there is a growing interest in acquiring knowledge and getting up-to-dated. Thereby making the middle class and the poor class technology savvy and providing opportunity for them to grow economically.

All the major Indian Mobile Service Providers support mobile prepaid recharge facility through their websites as well as through their dealer network or their own company branded stores. One of the most popular mobile recharge plan under Airtel Recharge is the Rs. 199/- plan which is valid for 28 days. It includes unlimited Local, STD and roaming calls with1.4GB 3G/4G per day, 100 local and STD SMS free per day and available for all handsets. Even its competitors like Jio, Idea and Vodafone too have mobile recharge plans at Rs. 199 and Rs. 198 respectively.

Mobile prepaid recharge options are generally affordable and are quite cheap.  Each operator introduces and revises their plan keeping in mind the usability and the affordability factor of the plans as it’s the common masses which form the major base of customers for these operators. Then there’s the ever increasing student’s base who have limited money in hand but need to own a mobile these days. With plans covering a single day to three months, one has lots of flexibility in choosing the plan that suits his/her requirement. Flexibility is available on three main points – calls, data plan and SMS or the messaging charges – it’s finally the customer’s choice on which to focus and buy a plan in accordance.

Instant mobile recharge via your cellular operators’ own website or through a third party site like ensures that the online recharge of your prepaid mobile is done instantaneously within seconds.

Sites like Paytm, as well operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, etc. offer recharge discount coupons as part of their promotional strategies. There are varying percentages of cash backs as also certain money denominations offered as lucrative cash backs to generate more and more traffic onto their respective sites. Each offer would have a certain recharge amount attached to it and one would need to fulfill the same to be eligible for the recharge discount coupons.

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