Mobile App Development Offers Great Prospects For Entrepreneurs To Stay Ahead


For today’s entrepreneurs, a core part of their growth strategy involves finding effective solutions for staying competitive and relevant in this fast-moving market. One of those solutions for small business owners is mobile app development, as companies everywhere try to keep pace with consumers’ rapid adoption of mobile phones. Indeed, the many benefits of a mobile app, both for customers as well as for companies, makes its development critical for entrepreneurs striving to grow their business. Here we outline some of the key benefits of mobile app development for entrepreneurs.

  1. Good return on investment: For a large number of entrepreneurs, the prospect of spending money on mobile app development may seem a bit unnerving and unwarranted at first. However, the benefits and returns of having a mobile application far exceed any cost associated with developing an app. For example, companies have a more effective way of engaging with customers through a mobile app and, as such, are more likely to gain customer appreciation and loyalty.More importantly, a mobile app can enable companies to operate more efficiently by reducing or eliminating the cost of hiring additional resources required for various tasks. Other benefits include ease of scheduling, a streamlined payment system, easier access to information, better feedback mechanism, and improved customer support, among others.
  2. Create brand awareness: Mobile apps also present entrepreneurs with the much-needed opportunity for them to create awareness about their brand by leveraging the growing trend of increased mobile device usage to fulfill a wide variety of consumer needs. To be sure, internet usage on mobile devices has been on the rise, thanks mainly to the rapid increase in global penetration of mobile devices. In fact, mobile Internet usage rose from just 40% in 2012 to 68% in 2016, with that figure expected to touch 79% in 2018.
  3. Build visibility and recognition for the brand: Along with brand awareness, mobile apps also allow new and small businesses the opportunity to boost brand visibility and recognition among prospective customers. By capitalizing on people’s use of mobile devices, companies can use mobile apps to increase brand recall by enhancing the experience customers have when engaging with the company via the app.
  4. Add more customers: Today’s consumers are constantly in the hunt for greater convenience, seamless mobile access, and quicker delivery options, all of which can only be met if companies employ mobile app development as part of their business strategy to expand their customer base. In addition, mobile apps also serve as a marketing tool, helping entrepreneurs to increase visibility and exposure of their existing and new products to a larger audience of potential customers.
  5. Reach more customers: Mobile devices today account for more than half of total internet traffic views. Interestingly, usage of mobile apps accounts for 80% to 94% of total time consumers spent using mobile Internet on their devices. This highlights the advantage companies have in developing a mobile app to reach more customers, including those who are constantly on the move. Through these apps, companies can advertise their products, alert customers about promotional plans, product launches, and discount schemes, or send general notifications to their customers.

For entrepreneurs looking to scale their business, mobile app development can no longer be looked at as an extravagance. The gains they can get out of mobile app development far outweigh any expenses incurred in building it. In fact, in today’s extremely tech-driven environment, mobile apps are no longer a nice-to-have feature for small businesses. It’s a must-have. That’s why, for all entrepreneurs looking to ensure their businesses thrive in this highly competitive era, the ultimate answer to achieving this is in building and maintaining an engaging and effective mobile app.

Warren William

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