Meet the iOS History App Unravelling History as it Should be Told


App Concept

History is a never-ending river of information which in turn empties into an endless ocean of archives that is impossible to keep up with. Today in History proves the vessel to lead you through this unquantifiable realm of the past taking you to deep crevices for little-known bits of the past that comes as a surprise to many. It also works to keep you in the loop of ongoing historical events that would ordinarily sneak past you in the digital age where information comes in thick and fast. In a nutshell, it is a historical app with a well-layered approach to history telling- both past and present- that sifts through the pages of time in an orderly and comprehensive manner.

Features of Today in History Lite Edition

This iOS app impresses on various fronts and it is imbued with the following endearing features:

•  Material design UI: The user interface is not only simple and easy to use but also takes on a gorgeously crafted menu whereby a lovely dark shade is well complemented by strokes of beautifully contrasting white.

•  Huge Library: The data draws from more than 100,000 records ensuring there is nowhere within the darkest depths of history that his app can’t go. You can learn all about various events and personalities from the entirety of history as we know it.

•  A nicely assorted menu that breaks down content conveniently into a variety of sections to suit various taste buds. For a more specific history look up, there is a search panel functionality that allows you to get exactly what it is you’re looking for.

•  Daily quotes: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” Neil Armstrong on 20th July 1969 after the maiden moon landing. You can look forward to quotes such as this and many more via the uote of the day’ feature.

•  Daily reminders: Customizable reminders that alert you constantly on past events of interest as well as unfolding ones as and when they happen.

How the App Works

The home layout is divided into five categories namely “Births”, ”Deaths”, ”Events”, “Holiday”, and “Headline” with each tab forming a gateway to historical content tailored around the title of the category. By default, the home screen is set on the last category which comprises of headline topics around emerging or enthralling content that is most popular.

How is it any different from apps of a similar kind?

Most history apps are quite knowledgeable in their history however it is their dispensation of it that has proved wanting. Stating facts and figures in a class-like manner, they unravel interesting tales with the enthusiasm of a 20th-century calculator. Today in History Lite Edition, however, is cut from a different cloth. History is finally told in a fun and immersive manner more like a favorite past time than a mash-up of curious facts and figures. It has truly breathed some life into a category that was sorely in need of a revamping.

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