Making the most out of Play Only Bonuses and Withdrawable Bonuses


Among all of the highly beneficial bonuses provided by online casinos, the ‘Play Only’ bonus is generally the most commonly found one. This is the type of bonus which provides cash which can only be played with, and cannot be withdrawn.

Then there are the Withdrawable Bonuses, which are far rarer, but (as the name suggests) can be taken out by the player once the conditions have been met.

The many well-established online casinos hosted by MPLcasino will provide all manner of Play Only bonuses which you can spend a decent amount of time selecting from. Obviously, you will want to find the Play Only that brings the most progress and chances to win.

The Basics of Play Only Bonuses

There are often two types of accounts found in online casinos, one which hosts the money which you can withdraw, such as your winnings – and a separate account in which your bonus money will be held, which will often be inaccessible to withdrawing.

For the duration of the bonus service’s timeline – or so long as you have money in this secondary account – any money which you play with will be taken directly from this bonus account, meaning that none of your personal finances will be touched so long as you have bonus services available.

Upon winning a play, the winnings you make will be forwarded to your primary account, while the original wager will be returned to your secondary bonus account. That being said, you will need to fulfill all of the wagering or winning requirements stipulated in the terms and conditions attached to the Play Only bonuses before you can withdraw your winnings.

Fulfilling the Requirements

While it may indeed seem like a tall order for many, the conditions you need to meet in order to withdraw the handsome winnings made from Play Only bonuses are generally quite simple and easy to carry out.

You will generally need to have wagered a certain level of cash in order to withdraw successfully. You will often need to wager between 15 and 50 times the initial deposit you put down before withdrawing.

Please do keep in mind that if you decide to withdraw your winnings before you have met the wagering requirements, you will indeed forfeit the bonus offering, as well as any of the winnings which you earned through such bonus boosts.

It is therefore a far wiser strategy to fulfil all of the mandatory requirements of whichever bonus service you are using, in order to make the most money possible.

The Withdrawable Bonus – The Basics

This bonus is a bit harder to find in online casinos, but is quite a beneficial one if you do not wish to carry out the requirements stipulated in Play Only requirements. With withdrawable bonuses, you will have your deposit matched by a certain percentage, this amount will then be deposited straight into your main account.

In terms of matching, you will generally have your amount doubled or even tripled. So, if you deposited $400, you will be rewarded with $800, or even $1,200 if a tripling service is in place. Just make sure that you keep in mind that there are also conditions which must be met for this type of bonus as well.

You will have to wager a multiple of the combined total you are now in possession of through the efforts of the multiplier you received to your initial deposit. This means that you will now have to put down quite a large wager before you are able to withdraw your cash.

The Possibility for A Massive Win

While you will indeed have to put down quite a sizeable wager with this bonus, remember that there is now a very good chance that you will be raking in a massive win if luck is on your side. While such bonuses are only withdrawable once such wagering requirements have been cleared, you can, at any time, withdraw your initial deposit.

With both of the bonus types described above, there is a fair amount of deliberation and planning that one needs to make before activating either types. You will need to make sure that whichever bonus you decide upon will work for you.

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