Learn to Rate the Criticality of Some Enterprise Device for Data Recovery


A company, in general, has several types of devices so that its employees can store the day-to-day data in an organized way. Depending on the type of need, both the employee and the file, a different type of device is used, but there are always those that cannot be missing, such as the USB stick, notebook and external HD and RAID servers. All of these devices have the function of storing data, some with the capacity to store more superficial data, others with the capacity to store more robust data.

Having the information available, regardless of the device used, is important to ensure the business continuity of the company. Therefore, we will characterize the particularities of each device:

Pen drive

Pen drives generally do not have enough capacity to store very robust files. However, in case of an accident, it is not the worst scenario because people usually use the pen drive to store files more usual and not so crucial to the progress of the company’s activities.


The Notebook offers more storage capacity than a pen drive and therefore supports heavier files. Data recovery has a higher level because it contains too many documents in one place and ends up giving a small loss, but nothing that cannot be solved.

External HD

An external hard drive is exactly the same as you have inside a computer. If an accident happens it is laborious to recover all the files and it takes a great amount of time, however, your company will not be affected drastically.

RAID servers

Data from the financial department, marketing, communication, administration and others are stored on a RAID server, which is a platform that holds all documents and records throughout the company’s history. It can cause the server to crash and all documents that are there from the beginning of the business are lost. And now? It is possible that a company stops its activities and finishes closing, because nobody will know all the documents of head and no possibility to recover all that was lost, in this case, mostly company needs ny city raid reconstruction salvagedata service.

It’s important to recognize every device that can make your company and employees’ lives easier, making the documents always on some safe platform with no risk of loss. If the worst happens, find more about specialists in data recovery and are able to recover your company data with agility and quality.

Warren William

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