Know All About the Worth of Your Social Media


Nowadays honestly checking your social networking account has become the part of our daily routine. Logging in to your Facebook account or checking on your twitter account is part of the must do list of an individual. Now is the time when the role of the social networking site has become an integral part of establishing a mark in the market if you are a business owner. Starting from Facebook to Snapchat every social networking platform has been providing a new opportunity of bringing in a multi-billion dollar business.

Now, let’s give an overlook on how much is your social media worth?

#1 Facebook

The ultimate and most popular social networking site, Facebook is the one platform that not only provides you with the opportunity to put ads and earn money using this platform. Facebook is among the top 20 valuable companies in the world. It is the 15th most valuable company ahead of IBM, Intel and even Coca-Cola. This 10 years old company is one of the best platform for you to make money.

#2 Instagram

Instagram, has surpassed twitter in respect to value it holds. After gaining the 300 users, Citigroup has raised the value of the photo-sharing social network right from $ 19 billion to $35 billion. Unless there is any other development that is cooking under everyone’s nose, Instagram is definitely going to widen up the gap that will reduce the competition.

#3 Twitter

The next big hit that comes along going through the list of Social networking site is Twitter and with the worth of $23 billion this platform is definitely one of the major role players in the pond. Although the value of twitter is not that much in comparison to others but, still it is trying to improve by introducing new features that would help it promote itself. The road is still far away for twitter to help it become one of the leading networking sites.

#4 Snapchat

Snapchat is the one platform that is worth $15 billion and recently with the investment of $200 million by Chinese giant Alibaba the value of the popular and loved Snapchat took a hike by almost another $15 billion. With the new and bombarding start of Snapchat it has already managed to introduce putting up ads in return of the $750000.

#5 Pinterest

With the worth of $11 billion, Pinterest is still not earning anything significant. Recently with the earning $367 million it has managed to be counted as the 5th biggest social network in regards to value. This platform is expected to redefine its value in coming years but, still has been defined as the platform for fashion and luxury.

These are some social networking platforms that are worth investing in and have significant value as well. When it comes to the value of the social networking site then, the sites mentioned above can never be neglected. Counted among the top networking sites, these are just a few of them.

Gwendolyn Traci

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