Is Email Marketing Still Valid Online Marketing Technique?


Email marketing was the biggest avenue initially at the rise of online marketing during the last decades of the foregone century. Now, many people think that e-mail marketing is an outdated option with the introduction of search engine marketing and social media marketing etc.

However, the real fact when it comes to online marketing, as per the experts, is that e‑mail marketing can still yield significant results, even more than the new-generation marketing strategies in some sectors. Successful businesses know that an effective online marketing strategy has to be defined by properly combining all these marketing techniques to ensure maximum reach and better returns.

To reinstate the effectiveness of e-mail marketing in the highly competitive new-age online marketing scenario, here we will discuss some major points which businesses as well as the marketers should make a note of.

Numbers rule

Leading e-mail services have more than their times the number of uses social media platforms have. This means sending e-mails can ensure at least double the reach to be achieved through any other social media platform.

Another statistics by a leading internet research organisation shows that the entire web searches made on internet search engines comes to hardly about 1/100th of the email traffic happening daily. The entire web page viewing across the globe daily uses only about one-quarter of the bandwidth consumed for emails.

Quantity vs. Quality

We know by now that no other online marketing avenues cannot beat the scope of e-mails in terms of quantity. However, the fact when it comes to quality is also the same. The volume of traffic just doesn’t define the quality of marketing. It is more appreciable if there is only a small amount of targeted marketing done aimed to yield high-quality traffic than a blind bulk marketing. Again the good news from the experts is that email marketing crushes the social media for the quality of traffic also along with quantity.

It is the most personalised medium of communication

Of course, you can say Facebook is a personalised medium. Given the fact that there are still plenty of people who stay away from Facebook and also considering that most of the business-oriented people do not go to Facebook for private conversation, we cannot consider Facebook as fully personal. However, e-mail has a significant edge here too as everyone, irrespective of common public or businessmen, open their mailbox to see a personal communication left there.

Email is an effective transactional medium

Be default, customers know and expect to get personalised offers through email and accustomed to the practice of buying things through email. So, they are more tolerant to these offers received through email than accepting promotions through Facebook and other social network platforms.

As social media platforms are now used by users largely for non-business and non-transactional interactions, e-mail still stands as one of the mightiest mode of marketing communication for businesses. There may be many SMM and SEO experts who may disagree with it, but if we can believe it as how things happen around, e-mail is simply reaping more benefits for businesses all over the globe across the sectors.


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