How to Keep Spam Out of Your Company Mailbox


Getting rid of spam mail from your company’s mailbox can be a serious problem. Basically, spam mail is any email that contains pointless advertisements. Even though most of the spam mail is correctly identified and transferred to junk folders, spammers have begun using sophisticated methods to confuse the algorithms. As a result, most employees generally spend the first few minutes of the day simply siphoning spam mail and clearing their inboxes.

Companies generally have their own private networks. In case a spammer decides to bombard your network with spam mail, it won’t be long before the network collapses and the whole system goes offline. Needless to say, this could have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations. As a result, many companies often resort to different solutions to keep spam mail out of their inboxes.

There are plenty of software programs available for purchase; these programs claim to prevent any spam mail from entering your company mailbox. Unfortunately, off the shelf programs are unsustainable for companies. Rather than installing a program individually on every computer in the company, why not purchase a server solution that blocks all spam mail at the source? It’s a much more viable option and will completely prevent spam mail from infiltrating your company’s network.

Enterprise Solutions

Investing in an enterprise solution is a wise move. Most locally developed software programs are unreliable and don’t work as effectively as they claim. However, if you purchase an enterprise solution, the program will not just be run by an algorithm, but it will also be constantly monitored by professionally trained engineers from a remote location.

Basically, when you purchase a server solution, the company will ask you to change the DNS of your server to one they provide. It doesn’t require a genius to change the DNS address, and the whole thing takes less than two minutes to complete. Once the basics are completed, all mail will be routed to a secure, remote server maintained by the anti-spam company. The mail will be thoroughly scanned and checked before being forward to your company’s servers. You can stop spam from entering your inbox using Mailcleaner’s software program. It is one of the best software programs in the market right now; offering top of the line support and highly effective spam filtering.


As a business owner, every move you make should feature underlying benefits that will positively impact your company’s profitability. The biggest benefit of investing in a mail cleaning software program is that it improves productivity in the workplace. Every day, your employees might spend a few minutes of their time simply checking and deleting spam mail; even though a few minutes per day may seem insignificant, this time-wasting exercise is something that you want to avoid. Spam mail also exposes your network to a myriad of other risks, such as viruses or worms that can infiltrate the network. In case that happens, the systems might need to be taken offline until the virus is quarantined. With an effective mail-cleaning program, you can keep out viruses and ensure smooth performance on the network.

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