How to Get the Best Ping for Online Gaming


Whether you are a professional gamer, or just enjoy playing with your friends casually, having a rocky ping is every online player’s worst nightmare. Being outplayed on the basis of connectivity and lag issues is a real shame, and many people believe that it is just their location with regards to server proximity that causes such issues. You may be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a few simple fixes to perform to get a level of ping you did not know possible.

Remove Obstacles between your platform and the Router

Whether you are playing on a Personal Computer or a console like XBox or PlayStation, the path and overall proximity to the router may be your issue. Something as simple as the distance between your device and the router and the amount of walls and the like could be blocking your Wi-Fi signal.

While this is not likely to completely fix all of your ping-related gripes, it is an excellent start. Reduce the distance between your device and the router so that the Wi-Fi signal can be picked up more strongly, and make sure that there is a clear path between both devices.

Clearing Unnecessary Programs


For PC gamers, make sure that your bandwidth isn’t being unevenly distributed between streaming websites such as YouTube or Netflix. If you are loading a film or television episode while trying to play a Counter Strike match, your ping can easily be swallowed up.

Make sure to close all of these websites. There may be other users in your home that are streaming entertainment or downloading torrents, so make sure to politely ask them to pause such functions if you still find your ping is high.

Too Many Devices, Too Few Routers


Remember that the amount of devices your router provides connection for can heavily affect how much bandwidth you are actually receiving. Basic routers cannot handle too many devices being on board, and will begin limiting connections on each.

Make sure that you do not have any non-essential devices connected for the duration of your gaming session. A great way to ensure that a device is not connected at all is by putting it on ‘Airplane Mode’, which will make sure that cellular data is being used.

Make Local Servers a Priority


While this may not be possible for some people, having local servers instated in your region is a blessing for ping levels, and one of the best ways to ensure a smooth and unhindered connection for those suffering from poor latency. Check your internet provider to ensure that local servers are available for whichever game you are playing.

Many ping issues are a result of playing on servers that are far away from your position. While you may find that your local servers are far less populated than international ones, and now have to wait longer for matches to become sufficiently stocked with players to begin, the extended waiting periods are well worth the wait when it comes to having a seamless online performance.

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