How to download torrent anonymously to get closer to your music idol


Wonder what it would be like if you were across the globe and got to know that Bruno Mars – whose new album you had been eagerly waiting for – is released. To add to your woes, it would take another 6 months for the distribution channels of this album to reach your country. The answer is simple, you would go for peer to peer file sharing if you know how to download torrent anonymously. Platforms like TRACE from Muzit are waiting to come to your aid.


While some music artists and distribution companies would name it piracy and sue such acts, Muzit has creatively worked around this behavior of the die-hard fans and made a business out of it. Tommy Funderburk from Muzit, has launched a platform called TRACE which is the abbreviated form of “Torrent Reporting and Content Engine”. It works on a mechanism whereby as soon as any peer to peer sharing and download start, it tracks the user right down to its postal code on the world map. It archives all this information, and in this way, creates a database of global fans.

Good news for Fans

It’s really uncustomary what Funderburk has devised for this data. Through TRACE, he claims that he provides an artist with the means to establish tangible relationships with his /her fans across the world. The archived data of such file sharing networks are used to send real, exciting marketing materials to fans. Concert tickets, posters, merchandise and unique opportunities of communicating with the artist can be accessed easily through such means. The user interface is really novel. It has the world map with areas colored in various shades, with the darker ones depicting greater density of file sharing networks. In some situations, the artists based on this data have even given concerts in locations with high fan following, and with remarkable audience turnout.

Anonymous torrenting

TRACE provides you with much more than just the music and is very meaningful for cross-continent fans. For users who are closer home to the artists and want a simpler, safer way to know how to download torrent anonymously, there is Cloudload. With Cloudload you enjoy torrent speeds up to 10 Gbps for downloading more than 25 types of files. Unlike conventional torrenting, there is no requirement to share content with your peers. Additionally, downloaded files are scanned against viruses and there are no undesirable ads or pop ups. There are offers for free trials of up to 7 days where you can check the torrenting system out.  The memberships come in varied packages dependent on your needs. There are membership programs of 40 GB, 100GB, 500 GB and 1000GB Cloud space with 5, 10, 15 and 20 simultaneous transfers respectively. Visit to subscribe.

Calling out to all music enthusiasts – brilliant technology has catered to all your desires! Whether TRACE or Cloudload or any other BitTorrent client, you are taken care of wherever you may be. Start torrenting and enjoy your music moments to the fullest. Choose from the subscriber options and stream the audio files within Cloudload on your computer, television, mobile phone or tablet. Else, use the innovative TRACE. Hello, look out! Maybe there is someone at the door with a nice Christmas gift from your favorite singer!

Gwendolyn Traci

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