Here Are Some Differences between DVR and IP Camera System


Due to increased cases of theft and burglary, demand and use of CCTV cameras has increased drastically. Every person whether a businessman or a homemaker wants to keep his facility safe and secured. There are various types of CCTV systems that you can install in your facility as per the requirement. This guide will brief you about DVR and IP camera systems.

What Is IP and DVR Camera System?

IP camera is the Internet Protocol based camera and DVR means digital video recorder based camera system. In IP and DVR system the difference is based upon the cameras which both systems use and how the recorder and cameras are connected to each other via networking.

Networking Methods of Both Cameras

An IP based camera system requires each device to be connected with its own IP address. It is worth mentioning point here that IP address is nothing but just like a phone number. A particular IP address is connected to a device having IP connectivity. For instance, if you have 2 cameras, one having an IP address while other having IP address Your computer will also have an IP address suppose

In this setting, both the cameras will be connected to the computer and they will reply to the computer based upon its IP address. Usually both cameras will have connectivity with an Ethernet switch. This switch will manage traffic between all devices.

Contrary to this, a DVR system will use a camera, which has been connected to a recorder via coaxial cables. DVR is also a kind of computer except that it has a special type of card in it, known as video capture card.

In DVR, this card is connected to each of the cameras and thereby ascertains the video is from which camera. The mentioned card accepts analogy system from cameras and converts it into digital signal, which is what gets saved in the hard drive.

Difference between Types of Cameras That IP and DVR Use

It is worth mentioning here that an IP system uses digital camera, which can be configured with IP address while DVR system uses an analog camera that don’t require any IP address.

Digital and Analog cameras are different from each other on account of several factors. Firstly, lens of both the cameras which captures light and focuses it, is different. Secondly, each type of camera has a light sensor that helps in converting light into analog electric system. Also, both the cameras have a particular analog-to-digital converter, which helps in sending signal to the digital signal processor.

This is where the difference between both types of cameras comes into picture. An analog camera sends digital signal through digital-to-analog converter before transmitting it to DVR system. Now question here is which camera is suitable for you. An IP system has same problems as any computer network. One network failure can lead to collapse of your NVR and cameras while such a problem doesn’t exist in case of a DVR camera system.


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