Having issues with the wireless connection on your computer


Sometimes it happens that you have to send an urgent email and when you open your computer, it doesn’t get connected to the internet. This is the most frustrating situation for any individual because a simple restart is not a solution for this issue. There are several reasons that your computer doesn’t get connected to the internet. You can diagnose these issues by using some very common and simple methods. You can follow the steps mentioned below when you face such issue.

What actions to perform during no internet connectivity?

Most computer users in this era use Wi-Fi for wireless connection to the Internet. Many times issues occur with the wireless connection, and a novice user cannot just solve them without any guidance. At that time going to a technician becomes costly. Here some easy and most known steps are mentioned so that a novice user can rectify the issue on his own.

Method 1: Update wireless adapter driver

Computers receive regular updates from OS provider. Most users prefer working on Windows OS, so in this case, we will only consider Windows OS. Windows does provide regular updates, and it is recommended to install updates regularly. Every time one solution is common, just download and install wireless adapter drivers. Here we have mentioned some steps to update your drivers:

[1] Go to device manager from search bar in the start menu.

[2] Find network adapter option and click on it. On clicking, a list of various adapters will be displayed.

[3] Find network adapter, using the mouse right click on the same. Click update drivers.

[4] If the update driver option is not available to select search automatically update drivers. On clicking that a variety of instructions are displayed follow them to install wireless adapter drivers.

Method 2: Use automatic troubleshooter

Microsoft has designed the OS for providing enhanced user experience. It has provided the user with a tool to which he/she can check the issue and resolve it. It is called “troubleshooter” find this tool, and it will help you fix the connectivity issue.

If your system has a dedicated wireless key and it off or dim colored then you must press it so that wireless adapter gets enabled. In the absence of dedicated wireless key you can follow the step mentioned below:

[1] Find the wireless connection icon on the bottom right-hand side on the taskbar.

[2] Hover the cursor on that icon and right click on it. A small menu will open, and you will find troubleshoot option. Click on it and follow the instructions displayed.

[3] It runs the Windows diagnostic and gives a report of the issues. On clicking, ok option and the problem will be solved automatically.

[4] In the case of no issue found, please read the instruction and follow other steps.

Method 3: Check automatic connection settings

For automatically connecting to your saved wireless network Automatic Connectivity option should be check marked. Click on the wireless network icon. Find your connected network and select disconnect. On successful disconnection, click the Connect button and select automatic connection button.

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