Growing demands of Identity management with growing mobile world


Well another year has turned down and time has come to best analyze all the activities that organizations did in order to deliver a great customer experience. A recent report from Demandware Shopping index has proved that mobile devices have become the absolute terminals to interact with businesses. Even today more customers encounter a brand for the first time via their smartphones instead of in-person or on website. This drastic growth in mobile engagement pressurizes businesses to launch new personalized mobile apps and they are expected to offer in-the-moment shopping experience which is the final norm of today’s customer.

But how can one make this mobile revolution successful? I think customer profile data should be there behind all these on the go interactions. Based on the customer identity data, customers are given access to services that make them enable to do purchases, issue customer service requests along with several other transactions. Although secure management of such huge identities across several mobile apps and channels is quite a tough challenge for IT professionals for past few years but still they brought out the solution in the form of cloud identity management solution.

Identity and access management which was earlier confined within the walls of an organization to manage its employee identities is now completely transformed. Today identity management broadly fringes customer identities not limited to only a few employee identities. Because of this enhancement in traditional IAM platform, there is an entirely new placement of demands on identity management terms and conditions that further drives brand new identity management goals.

Customer identity management that supports personalized mobile customer interaction requires some additional capabilities including:

  • Huge scalability to handle growing range of customers and increasing volume of data.
  • Reliable and fast performance that ensures the real-time access to information at the moment the customer needs it, no matter how many simultaneous actions are going on.
  • Data aggregation from multiple touch points into a 360 degree view of customers to encourage seamless interaction across all mobile apps and channels.
  • Social Login or adaptive authentication to support secure access to account information.

Mobile telecom companies are pacing forward with continuous innovations in technology forcing consumers to ramp up the usage of mobile phones in almost all the areas of their daily lives from shopping to banking and internet of things(IoT) management. Businesses are required to adopt these upcoming services that are traditionally available onsite or online to the mobile world.

Warren William

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