Got a YouTube Channel or Podcast? You Need a Quality Microphone


Advances in computer power, software, and the speed of Internet access have all coalesced into a media-saturated world teeming with people who are only too eager to have their voices heard above the noise. For many people, making a name for themselves in this new online world means getting to grips with multimedia opportunities, marketing themselves, and providing media-rich content.

It is a fact that lots of people now have their own media channels, including channels on YouTube, and use their own computers as mini home-based media studios. The myriad of software available makes much of this possible. Studio-grade software that might once have cost thousands of pounds and required a lot of expertise to set up and use can now be had for significantly less. In fact, one can even find software that provides broadcast-level quality for free. Such are the opportunities presented to us in this day and age.

Setting up Your Own Home Studio

Let’s say, for example, that you’re eager to set up a home studio where you can record audio and video and upload it to one of many online social media channels. Maybe you have a weekly podcast about politics or maybe you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel dedicated to reviewing new camera gear. To do any of this successfully, you’ll need the right tools in your studio. With this firmly in mind, here are some tips on setting up your own studio:

  • Recording: For most people, their computers act as a recording devices. The quality of on-board sound cards these days means that plenty of people can get by without investing in separate high-quality sound cards. Of course, if you want to use more advanced gear, such as a small mixer, you may need to investigate a separate sound card that has the correct inputs and outputs.
  • Software: Fortunately, there are plenty of options these days when it comes to recording and editing software. If you want to do a screencast, you can find appropriate software that is priced under £100 or software that has more professional features. Do you need video editing software? Depending on your operating system, you can find both free and paid options.
  • Audio: Being able to record broadcast-quality audio is essential if you really want to be taken seriously. If you’re on the road a fair bit with a laptop and want to do some impromptu recording, why not look at a high-quality USB studio microphone?There are plenty of microphone options on the market and many of them will record in 24-bit 96khz quality with a low noise floor for increased sound clarity.
  • Video: If you already have a DSLR or even an enthusiast’s compact camera, the chances are that you already have a very capable high-quality recording device that will output HD files. In fact, many moderately-priced DSLRs will even accept third-party microphones as audio input, making this combination ideal for high-quality broadcast-level recording.

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

With so many recording options available, you do not need to spend enormous amounts of money to set up a good-quality home recording studio.

Warren William

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