Find Out What Makes a Good IT Support Service


Many people discover that they are dealing with an incompetent IT support service when it’s too late. Between cancelling the contract and looking for and hiring a new IT support Calgary company, it is easy to feel helpless and continue to work with a team that is literally bringing your business down. These problems can be avoided by choosing the right support company from the beginning. There are a few qualities that set the professional IT support companies from the mediocre.

Sizeable Support Team

Choosing a one-man IT support team may be cheap and convenient but you eventually pay the price in downtime and frustration. A lone support expert may fall in, schedule holidays or juggle between accounts and therefore not able to give your needs the due attention. A company with a sizeable staff generally translates to better services and a larger knowledge base. You can count on consistent and competent IT services from a team compared to an individual.

Reasonable Contract Periods

Most IT support Calgary companies work on a contractual basis. Although it’s standard practice to sign a contract, you shouldn’t be tied down by it. This change and you might find that the company doesn’t handle your IT needs to your satisfaction. Whatever the case, you should be able to jump ship and start over if necessary. Although it is very unlikely that you will need to change from your IT company if you have the right one, it still helps to have a reasonable cancelation period and minimum term.

Good Response Times

Any problem with your IT network should be attended to as soon as possible. Many support companies have different packages that address this issue. As a rule of thumb, the response time is tied to how much you are paying for the service. Still, you should expect to be attended to in good time regardless of your service package.

Dedicated Account Manager

Finally, a sure sign of a professional IT support Calgary service is you get a dedicated account manager. This means that you have a single point of contact with the company so you don’t have to talk to a different person each time there is a problem. Having a dedicated account manager also helps you to make plans for the future and discuss your current and future support needs. One or two steady contacts are considered standard for a professional IT support company.


Knowing what to look for in a professional IT support service is crucial and saves you a lot of stress and heartache in the long-term. These pointers should help you gauge whether the company you are dealing with hits the mark.

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