Factors to Remember While Building a Blog


Once you have decided to make a blog you can get yourself going in a few hours. But remember, there are several blogs out on the web that make posts and updates daily. How do you enter the blogging world and make a place for yourself. Basically, you have to create a blog that makes people opt for your blog instead of any other. To help you doing this, we enlist some factors that need attention, and will make your entrance and survival easy if taken care of:

A Self Hosted Word Press Blog

The best thing you can do about making a blog and hosting it is to start your own WordPress account. There are reasons why we believe free blogs like Tumblr and Blogger (and even WordPress.com) do not give you the control, ownership and branding options that one needs.

Photos and Images

Finding suitable and best pictures and videos to make a blog is a tricky task. At most you can be a part of a quality stock photo site that allows you to use their photo on your website with an attribution license. But an even better option is to get your photos from a specially hired professional or take your own photos, make your own images that keep you unique.

Growing Your Mailing List

Over the years growing your ailing list has continued to be essential to be a successful blogger. Your mailing list gives you direct access to people’s mail boxes. You need to grow it because you simply can’t trust Google for traffic and the social networking sites as well, because they keep on changing their policies. What ensure traffic on your blog are you mailing list in case something bad happens.

Competition Analysis

People write blogs with zero research about the competition. Everything that you plan to write has been written before, every thought you think is already out there. So to have a lead it is important that you make a research about keywords, back links, sources of back links, etc

Long Content

Long content has worked for years and is still working. Instead of making small updates making a blog with informative contents that answer questions, impart knowledge and adds so much value that people cannot help sharing it with others.

Time to Spend Money on Promotion

There’s some reason that bloggers hate the idea of spending money on promotion. This year big bloggers are spending more on promotion. There are people doing better than you, one way to bypass their domination is to spend a little to promote your best work to targeted people.

Have a Strong Blogging Strategy

It is important to have a strong blogging strategy. For this it is important to stay updated with the latest trends and also by the various strategies of the blogging world.

These few points if kept in mind will reduce your hardships in establishing yourself as a successful blogger. You need a little more than being a good writer and being active on social media, to be a successful blogger. Here’s what you need!

Warren William

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