Energy Conservation Can Not Ignore The Information Technology


Previous U.s. VP Al Gore in his area of expertise ecological documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” had communicated, for sparing our planet, and every living soul can do, incorporating the utilization of vigor recovering items, to advance vigor proficient propensities. From the IT perspective, not just in the item itself to the green, it is fundamental to help, through informative content engineering Other Industry to accomplish vigor recovering.

 Can not disregard the vigor utilization information

As of late, the National Development and Reform Commission, the International Cooperation Center and supported by IBM, “Information innovation and vigor sparing” gathering, the State Development and Reform Commission Zhang, executive of global participation surged IDG news hounds that the present legislature of China 80 billion yuan for every year vigor utilization, 50% of vigor utilization from IT items.

IBM Greater China CEO of the cash swarm is to IDG (, told news hounds that as China’s fast monetary development, the span of China’s economy represented practically 5% of the planet However, China needs vigor and asset utilization representing almost 15% of the planet.

What’s more, Zhang Chong, said, lately, vigor utilization in IT items 8% ~ 10% twelve-month development rate. Consistent with appraisals, 2007, China’s sum power utilization of IT items from 300 billion to 50,000,000,000 degrees, just about proportionate to China’s Three Gorges force station producing limit a year, of which the vigor utilization of server farm IT items represented 40% of the aggregate vigor utilization. Not just that, as per industry assessments, IT items carbon dioxide discharges from force in any event to the 35 million tons.

“In this connection, the improvement of vigor recovering, ecological assurance, high productivity as the center qualities of green IT items and identified innovations, will be heading another era of IT items concentrate on imaginative substance upheaval.” Zhang Chong said.

State Information Center, Ning Jiajun, head engineer, said the Shanghai Supercomputing Center’s supercomputer speed of 10 trillion times each second, light utilization of power for every year arrived at 4.8 million yuan, what might as well be called a modest district force scale.

Indeed, in this way, the Shanghai Super Computer Center, or on the grounds that the chip utilization less vigor to realize this outcome. He said that under the first ever arrangement, the Shanghai Super Computer Center is planned framework requires 5094 CPU to accomplish the same execution space needs 683 square meters, the twelve-month power needs of 16 million yuan to run.

“It is on the grounds that the more level vigor utilization by the CPU, it makes to accomplish the same execution, just a region of 185 square meters, while just 4.8 million yuan for every year of power.” Ning Jiajun said, “This shows server power utilization to address the issue, the chip is a crux connection. ”

Likewise, the Ning Jiajun that in the present scenario, vigor preservation is an inescapable decision for all segments, while vigor safeguarding green IT is an imperative route, consequently that our nation will be recovering in the electronic qualified data industry Saving more than advance an identified arrangements.

Can not overlook the informative data engineering

IBM China’s head innovation officer, Tian-being, IDG (, told news hounds that informative data engineering ought to be a right perspective of the relationship between emanation diminishment and vigor protection, initially need to grasp the field of qualified data innovation itself how to do vigor recovering, There is likewise need to see the qualified information innovation utilized within other vigor sparing and green engineering plausible outcomes.

Cash swarm, said the server farm itself needs not just vigor sparing, all the more critically, through informative content engineering to help vigor protection in all areas of the work. For instance, he said, now normal for every server arrangement of its ability to 10 million report qualified information, however when managing waterway contamination counteractive action, observing, dissection might need to manage 10 trillion record informative content for every second, which made the informative data framework high challenge.

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