Download Mobile Security Apps to Safeguard from Hackers


As technology gets more and more user friendly, there are downsides too that users can be subjected to if they do not take proper precautions. With internet accessibility on mobile handsets and the growing popularity of mobile Android platforms due to its user friendly operations, chances of hackers getting into your mobile system and phishing sensitive data related to your personal and banking information is a predominant area of concern these days. Also the fact that Android allows lots of free downloads and Apps that involves exchanging of perceptive information with the backend increases the risk further. Users can be targeted by malicious software that affect the working of the device and can possibly infect the handset with software related viruses that would eventually cripple the device.

To offset this alarmingly negative drawback of mobile technology one needs to protect the mobile Operating system and various software’s with effective Android Security Apps or anti-virus software’s that would help cleaning and eliminating of the unwanted malware attacks.

What needs protection on My Mobile?

All information and data related to private and confidential images, emails, videos, text messages, multimedia messages, banking and social media account information and other passwords that belong to you only. Often there are confidential office-use data too that are saved on the mobile device that needs safeguarding too.

Some of the features that an intelligent Mobile Security Apps should possess to ward off security breaches are:-

  • Virus scanning feature
  • Secure browsing and blocking malicious sites
  • Secure Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi scanner
  • Call blocking feature
  • Remote command
  • Access device through a secure Web interface in order to ensure protection of your data
  • App Lock
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Cleaning up of system caches, gallery thumbnails and residual files
  • Phone locator
  • Parental control
  • Message Filters
  • Traffic monitoring systems
  • Encrypted technology
  • Swype technology enabling users to input different signature patterns to unlock the phone instead of the traditional keypad lock or the pattern lock
  • Flexible locking of Apps so that the user can unlock the entire phone or few Apps as per requirement
  • Use Biometric technology and finger gesture technology which enables the mobile to work only when the pre-scanned finger print of the user is used to unlock or start the device
  • Free downloadable version on the Google Play store

Many of these Android Mobile Security software’s are available for free download on Google App Store. However most of them offer only limited features in the free version and one needs to purchase the software to use all its features meant for premium users. Some of them allow the use of the free version for a limited trial period post which one needs to make an upfront purchase to continue using the Mobile Security Apps.

We hear of so many cases of cyber crimes that leave even the Cyber Police baffled and clueless. For hackers at the back-end it is a mental game of coding intelligent software’s to unleash an intrusive malware attack on smart phones. Attacking a smart phone comes in the form of weak links in the handset’s short message service (SMS), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Some hackers target the vulnerable soft points in the browser and the Operating system. And some smart malevolent ones take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the users of the smart phone.

It hence becomes imperative in these hostile conditions to protect ones mobile gadget from the increasing menace of more and more such intelligent software’s being created by hostile hackers.

Gwendolyn Traci

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