Don’t Make Any Mistake While Choosing Your Domain Name


Do you know those words whose spelling everyone gets confused from time to time, of concert and repair type, or trip and travel? It’s best to think twice before using them because they can confuse people and make it difficult to access your site.

Beware, too, with other variations, such as masculine and feminine and singular and plural. Even a single wrong letter can lead the customer to a site that is not yours. And, in a worse scenario, it may be even that of your competitor! Also check out top level domain list to outreach the competition.

Focus on extension!

One problem that many brands face is the fact that as there are already thousands of registered domain names, it may be a real epic to find the desired URL available.

However, a very interesting alternative to overcome this difficulty are the new extensions of domains, which run away from traditional .com and In addition, they are perfect for translating the spirit of a company without having to use too many words in the address.

You may have new specific domain extensions and alternatives that offer a new range of innovative and creative addresses. Want to see an example? Let’s assume that the address is already occupied. Do you still have the chance to register It still has the advantage of being shorter and with easy memorization.

This is a practice widely used in large companies, which register the domain even with deliberate typos for customers to find easily. Another common practice is the registration of several extensions , the .com, .net that we discussed at the beginning, to direct all to your site and prevent anyone having a domain equal to or almost equal to yours.

The most common and recommended extensions are .com and .net to guarantee the exclusivity of the company name. There are also different extension options like .online, .site, among many others that allow you to leave your domain more relaxed.

Extension, the consumer is sure about what your business is and you stand out from the competition by having a different URL and easy to remember! There are more than 60 options for all types of business and professionals. Do not miss it.

Are you ready to register your domain? Then go to the Regnames – domain names service, confirm availability and you’re done! The first step for your website to be a success is given!

Gwendolyn Traci

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