Color Space of the iPhone 9 will be same as used in Digital Cinema Industry


From the Apple claim that the display model works in the same color space, which is used for digital cinema industry. Matrix with an extended color gamut should demonstrate a clearer and more colorful picture than its predecessors. In addition, iPhone 9 and 9Plus promise Plus 25% higher brightness than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

What actually happened? Eye image difference between 7 and iPhone 8s noticeable, but not in favor of the first. news The screen has a warmer shade – white color it looks yellowish. Subjectively, the brightness only slightly, but still higher than in the previous generation of the smartphone. Disappointing still very broad framework. It is understood that “apple” dimensions and proportions inherited from the “six”, but today almost indentation on the right and left of the display look wild anachronism. Even Android-Soup medium price segment can boast a narrower scope than the iPhone 9 and 7 Plus. Last looks awkward and did a giant in comparison with competitors.

Apple is continuing to increase the power of mobile chips. And then it happened what had to happen sooner or later: in some tests the processor A10 Fusion surpasses not only direct competitors, but the MacBook Air for 2015! The iPhone 8s use a dual-core chip, the iPhone 9 – formally quad, but with one caveat. A10 Fusion Two kernel are responsible for the performance and the work involved in “heavy” applications, such as games, for example. Two cores do not have a high capacity, but five times less expensive than a pair of nimble companions and can handle simple tasks that do not require high computing power. This structure is not only possible to increase productivity, and efficiency. Curiously, the Apple Power novelties compared with the iPhone before last generation – so looks spectacular. If we compare with last year’s model, the growth is no longer such an impressive – A10 Fusion faster than the A9, about a third. On the other hand, while the mobile segment, this excess capacity. iPhone 8s is enough for all applications, and applications that involve the fullest possible A10 Fusion, yet to wait.

An important change in the case of the iPhone 9 Plus regards the amount of RAM. Model for the first time got a capacity of 3 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 9 and 8s / 8s Plus content to 2 GB. Apparently, Apple decided to err in view a higher resolution “plus” screen.

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