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When you purchase an expensive laptop, the next thing you always think of purchasing is a good bag to carry it in while travelling. What if you found out that you could get two attractive bags absolutely free on pre-booking a laptop by paying just ₹4,999? Tempting, isn’t it? The offer is available on the purchase of HP Pavilion x360, which has equally tempting features. Even the bags are the amazing HP Trendsetter Backpack, worth ₹2,399, and the HP Grip High-Impact Slipcase, worth ₹3,899.

What’s New in HP Pavilion x360

Allowing you to work in different work modes, HP Pavilion x360 is now ready for the HP Active Pen, which has taken the functionalities of this laptop to an all new level. The pen allows you to create, share and connect like never before. Leading PC maker, HP, realizes that when good ideas come, you need to act fast. Using the power of Windows Ink and the HP Active Pen, when it comes in contact with the Windows Ink-certified panel of HP Pavilion x360, you can quickly bring ideas to life. Let us take a look at what all you can do with the HP Active Pen:

  • Jot down notes and draw, sketch and paint, without the need of looking for a pen and paper.
  • Navigate the HP Pavilion x360 without using your finger and leaving smudges or fingerprints behind.
  • Help save paper and reduce the load of maintaining files, notes, pens and pencils.
  • With HP Active Pen, you can scribble on photos on social media, draw likes & comments and share with your friends.

Features of HP Pavilion x360

  • Durable 360-degree geared hinge: The hinges are tested with up to 7,000 360-degree rotations and 25,000 openings and closings to deliver the customer a product that positions perfectly for you to work, write, watch videos and play, without fear of the screen getting detached from the keypad regardless of the angle of the screen.
  • Wide viewing angles: It is nothing less than a treat when you get up 178-degree wide viewing angles, with great view from every angle that let you enjoy the quality of 2 million pixels, offering crystal clear images on the Full HD IPS touchscreen.
  • Backlit keyboard: What if you need to work in a dimly lit room or aboard a red-eye flight? No problem, you have an illuminated keyboard that can keep you going in such situations.
  • Anti-glare panel: The glare caused by the sun rays falling on the computer screen can be very frustrating. The anti-glare panel on this laptop, which is low-gloss and non-reflective, lets you enjoy your content even in the sun.

Like many other great HP laptops, HP Pavilion x360 also contains a powerful prismatic battery, Bang & Olufen speakers and unhindered connectivity through USB-C™ port, making this laptop a must-have.

Book your HP Pavilion x360 now and get two HP laptop bags free. Hurry! The offer is available for a limited period.

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