Best Tips for eCommerce Site Search


Have you noticed how just by typing “Nike” on Amazon, the first result that shows up is an Amazon instant video? By merely typing “ip” in the search box, Apple generates recommended results featuring iphone, iPad Air and or iPad mini? Does that make you think how these big companies manage to generate search results instantaneously?

The successful companies know “Site Search” is the key to get the attention of their users and to boost their sales. They consider Site Search an important aspect that cannot be neglected and are continuously technologically optimizing it to improve user experience and effectively promote the products.

There are simple tips that can significantly impact site-search functionality on your eCommerce website.

Search Box should be Easy to Spot

The position and the mere design of the search box can hugely impact user experience and prompt the user to utilize the search box to search for the products. To achieve this, it is important that the search box is prominent and easily spotted on the site.

Many websites make the mistake of placing the search boxes on the website, where they cannot be easily located and often overlooked by users. This may render the site a clean design but may not prompt users to search for the products.

Big Search Box to fit all customer queries

The size of the search box differs from site to site, depending on the products the company stocks. Often, the search boxes of sites are small, and the users have difficulty typing in particularly long products titles when the text starts to disappear. This leads to incorrect searches, and users may not find the product they are looking for quickly.

Autocompletion for Site Search

This feature has changed the face of web browsing. It works by reducing user’s work of typing the entire product’s name and suggesting products on the search. It becomes particularly helpful if a user is not sure about the spelling of a particular product.

 Using auto completion for products

Auto completion makes short work of the search and effectively lands the user on the product they need. Apart from providing useful searches and prevent misspellings of a product; it is also an excellent means for websites to help merchandize.

Allow users to search within a particular department

Want to improve the user experience on your website? Help users narrow down their search by prompting them to search for the product in different categories. Through this feature, the user can find a particular product they are looking for, very quickly.

Encourage searches by placing text in the search box

By setting encouraging text like, “Enter product, code, brand… etc.” can prompt users to look up the items. This also gives a direction to the user to what they should search for.

Search Box should not be your only focus while improving site search; it is important that equal attention should be given to the quality of the Search Result.


Accurate Search Results:

An incorrect and irrelevant search result to the user’s query is what you need to avoid. Make sure that the products are correctly labeled and metadata. Incorrect search results can discourage users from using the website.

Zero Results page should be avoided

Zero page results can be prevented by using an autocomplete, which ensures that a user searches for a relevant item. By using an autocomplete, a user is likely to enter the correct product name or title and avoid misspelling. If your website does not feature an autocomplete for this, make sure that after an unsuccessful search the user is redirected to the page to search again. Through this, dead ends while searching can be avoided.

Social Proof is important

Does your company have a Facebook page or a Pinterest Account? Providing social proof in the search results encourages users to go through your products.

Filtering Options

This feature shortens the user’s search. You can filter your products by category, size, price range, brand, color, ratings, etc.

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