Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!


Everywhere you look people are talking about the benefits of medical marijuana. But where does the medicine come from? Who is growing the plants and manufacturing all these products? California hopes the answer is Kern County. California hopes that Kern County votes yes on Measure K marijuana. Kern is the agricultural hub of California and there is a measures on the November ballot for cannabis and industrial hemp that is getting a lot of attention. Measure K aims to tax and regulate commercial cannabis and industrial hemp in a way no other county has done yet – and big employers and investors are taking notice. Most multi-national companies have not yet taken the cannabis plunge because of federal laws, but Measure K may change their perspective about investing in Kern County, which is great news because Kern County needs good paying jobs with benefits. Measure K in Kern County limits the number of dispensaries to 35 while opening up over 8000 acres of undeveloped farm land for commercial cannabis and hemp. The cannabis zone is miles from schools, homes, and daycare so farms can operate professionally and without affecting the quality of life of the neighborhood. Realtors and home owners love Measure K because it prevents dispensaries from opening up on the same block as houses and it stops crazy neighbors from growing cannibis plants in their front yards. The laws, written by professional developers, are clear, honest and straightforward. Measure K protects property values! The tax structure gives Kern County 5% off the top, which allows companies to predict their expenses and reduce accounting costs. Measure K has no loopholes or ways to cheat so companies know that everyone is paying their fair share for the privilege of operating in Kern.  The cannabis industry has a reputation for dodging taxes but Measure K does not allow them to have any bogus deductions. The money goes straight from the cash register to Kern County. The money is already divided between public safety, police, first responders and health so it won’t disappear into the general fund. Measure K has the support of Republicans and Democrats. Both parties say Measure K is for Kern. Measure K truly has the community’s well being at heart. Measure K prevents dispensaries from staying open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. No neon signs, pictures of naked women with pot leaves, and forced closure on holidays like Christmas. Measure K demands that dispensary owners get background checks and it gives law enforcement the tools they need to punish bad behavior.  People who break the rules will be punished under Measure K cannabis law. For the first time in Kern’s history, cannabis rules are up to the voters. No political corruption or messy backroom deals. Measure K is straight forward and responsible. One of the best things about Measure K is that it includes Hemp. Measure K hemp laws cut through Washington’s bureaucracy so farmers can get seeds in the ground and Kern can get tax revenue.  If you’re out there in Kern County, please vote yes on Measure K.

Warren William

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