A Brief Look At The International Satellite Communication Technology


Over the years , the communications sector has seen so many changes and will continue to do so for a very long time to come . Innovation has caused this change affects all sectors but communication has seen more than urgent transformation that encompasses the entire economy toward a higher level . The most revolutionized all aspects of these changes in the communications department is the International Satellite technology .

As many other changes have occurred as a result of new development , the transformation of the communications industry is widely perceived as most of the transactions that occur in this world associated with communication and communication systems that enable greater business trends quickly and efficiently in all other sectors .

In the past , passing simple messages from clients in one country to the next will take the form of either a telegram or letter , and in some very bad incident , a month long trip to reach the goal , this trend is changing greatly and people are able to communicate in real time thanks to the internet .

For a long time however , the internet signal is transmitted over telephone lines and the absence of other areas where telephone infrastructure is not in place. This makes it difficult for companies and individuals located in these locations left behind as the rest of the world moves with incredible speed .

It would be very difficult to understand how two people who live in the same state can do things as if they live in separate worlds . While the people in the town will be able to communicate in real time with fast broadband internet , other partners around the mountains will take a week to deliver the same information due to lack of phone lines .

This situation however was resolved by the introduction of the International satellite technology that can enable the site to get broadband internet in spite of the fact that there is no telephone cable in the ground . The reason why this technology brings a new lease of life my life of people who live in remote areas such as deserts and mountain areas is that all you need is a satellite receiver and a few base stations set up and everyone in the area could be connected .

The main disadvantage of this type of connectivity , but at a cost . The cost of the satellite dish complete with a receiver and routers to be used to map the signal was too expensive for ordinary people to buy . Therefore, it is left as a preserve of large organizations such as non- governmental organizations working in remote areas because they are the ones who can afford it .

International Satellite technology yet become a reliable source of Internet connectivity and the best way to benefit form this technology is to attract resources and have a set up and then share . Another option is to subscribe from big companies who are able to setup expensive to pay a small amount to gain by joining their virtual area network .

Gwendolyn Traci

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