5 Productive Things To Do On a Rainy Day


Too many overcast or rainy days in a row and you might feel like you’re starting to go crazy. Unless you’re going to work all day, having to twiddle your thumbs can get old real quick. Let’s be real, it’s not like there’s nothing for you to do around the house, but is there anything that you actually want to do? On cold and wet days it takes a lot of motivation to even change out of your pajamas in the morning. This could be the relaxing day you’ve been waiting for, but odds are you’re just going to get antsy in your own skin. Luckily, there are things you can accomplish indoors so that you still feel like you had a productive day and you never had to leave your house.

  1. Clean out your closet

If you’re a guy, this one might not apply to you, but for all the ladies out there, we know you have a closet full of clothes you’ve never worn. For some reason we have the tendency to save these clothes “just in case”. It’s time to come to the realization that you’re not going to have a spontaneous hippie themed party, so you can now throw those bell-bottoms out. Instead of just throwing your old clothes out to the curb, you can donate them to a local Goodwill, toss them in your towns’ clothing drive collector, or sell them on a site like Poshmark.

  1. Sell your old gift cards

Here’s another thing that we tend to hoard. If they’ve been collecting dust for months now, odds are you aren’t going to use them. It’s an even better case scenario if you have gift cards to a place you never shop and would rather have cash. If you’re selling gift cards in Canada, GiftCash is a site that will give you the greatest cash payout for the value of your cards. If you’re selling gift cards from America, one of the more popular sites is CardPool.

  1. Bring a Pinterest recipe to life

If you don’t get all of your meal-prep and crafty ideas from Pinterest, you’re missing out. Pinterest is loaded with awesome recipes created by people from all over the world. At any point in time, you can find unique cookie recipes, funky sandwich recipes, homemade ice cream instructions, or even a how-to on creating a five star meal. When boredom hits, eating is the best option. Therefore actually cooking or baking what you’re going to eat on this cold rainy day adds excitement to the ordeal. Plus it’s just fun to see what you can create.

  1. Have a movie marathon

It seems like this is always a great thought until someone whips out their phone and conversations sparks while the movie becomes background noise. For this movie marathon, you need to have a strict no phones rule (put the ringer on for an emergency and put it in another room). This way, whether you’re alone or with a group of people, you can actually focus on watching those movies you’ve always wanted to see but never had the time to. Pop some popcorn, grab a gallon of ice cream, and don’t leave your couch unless you absolutely have to.

  1. Get Crafty

Even if you’re not the artsy type, you can find something at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby that can peak your interest. On a rainy day when you have nothing to do, you might as well try something new. Sit in front of your TV or around a table with a bunch of friends and try getting your craft on. Here are a few examples of crafts you may want to tackle.

All you have to do to get yourself through a rainy day is get creative. You can make something, catch up on movies you’ve always wanted to see, make some money, or organize your life. Whenever somebody says they have nothing to do, they’re just not thinking out of the box.

Warren William

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