5 Indispensable Steps You Need to Consider Before Switching Internet Service Providers


We have all been there; after sticking with an internet service provider for years, you wake up one one day fed up with its shady ways — the questionable fees, the painfully slow connection, the shoddy customer service, and a riot of different bad shtick associated with some ISPs. Then something almost magical happens: you get a call, visit or email from a competitor’s sales rep willing to offer you more bandwidth, better service, and more sizzling features for less than what you pay your current ISP. That’s the time you decide to make the daring switch.

Well, there are numerous other legitimate reasons you may want to switch internet service providers. These range from moving to a new place, wanting speedier internet connection or just searching for a more pocket-friendly package. No matter what you reason is, switching providers isn’t a walk in the park. But, following these few steps can make the whole process effortlessly easy.

Step #1: Ask Yourself the Tough Questions

Again, ditching your current provider for another isn’t going to be easy; there are myriad pitfalls you have to watch out for. Pine over a few crucial question right off the bat. Is the price cut worth all the trouble? Do you trust your instincts on this new ISP? Do you really need more features in your internet package?

Step#2: Do Your Homework Beforehand

The last thing you want after switching ISPs are those avoidable oops moments. So, it pays to do a little research right from the outset. So, wear you investigative lenses and do some sleuthing online. If you are just done and dusted with your current provider, but you haven’t settled on your next choice; this step is especially crucial. If you are looking for a cheaper package, a provider that allows you to bundle more than one service would be ideal. That is, settle for an ISP that offer home phone, the internet, and TV all wrapped in one. Additionally, you may want to factor in the cost of new equipment (routers, cables, switches, etc.)

Step #3: Review Your Current Contract Before Making the Switch

Some ISPs offer deals that come with an early termination fee that would make the switching process a little difficult. Also, some companies give a clear guideline on how to cancel their services, such as filling out a form or calling in.

Step #4: Give Some Time for the Service to Actualize

It’s always important to allow some overlap time for your new internet provider to activate the connection. Typically, this overlap may last for a few days, giving some time for the ISP to deliver equipment and correct any technical glitches.

Step #5: Have a Clear Plan for the Future

Many providers offer freebies that could adversely affect you when you want to switch in the future. Here think in the line of free email addresses, cloud accounts, and so forth. If you switch to its competitor, for example, the ISP will deny you access to these online resources. So, using services such as Yahoo or Gmail eliminate such headaches.

Gwendolyn Traci

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