3 Tactics To instantly Gain More B2B Leads.


Make no mistake, obtaining more B2B leads takes a lot of time, effort and hard work but if you know how to do this strategically, you need not worry about slogging away day and night! Here are 3 smart tactics.

1) Create your own, unique software to market and give away.

This may sound counter-intuitive but, as the saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money!” Potential customers love freebies and if you can develop software or a mobile app that can solve a problem that you can give away for free, you are halfway there.

Another great way of generating more B2B leads is creating exciting content such as an industry-related blog and then using social media to promote your content and software.

2) Participate in an active and large LinkedIn group.

LinkedIn is the best-kept secret when it comes to gaining tons of B2B leads! Spend some time doing a little research on the best LinkedIn groups for your particular industry and then make sure that you spend lots of quality time-sharing your knowledge with other members. “Member-only” groups are often the best ones. This is a great way to let peers and potential clients know that you are the best at what you do (and also to promote your company)!

3. Constantly keep an eye out for anyone who mentions your brand.

Slowly but surely, your business is going to get mentioned by others and this is the ideal time for you to turn it into a sales opportunity. Don’t miss out!

In order never to miss out, ensure that you have set up sufficient alerts on all your social media outlets and on Google so that you can follow up on leads.

The above 3 tactics are so easy to follow that they can help you to grow your brand in next to no time!

Gwendolyn Traci

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